Come see my “I Love Lucy” play Sun, Oct 18, 2015 in the Pacific Palisades!

October 10, 2015



I Direct “My Favorite Husband” plus “The Bickersons” Nov. 15 in Burbank!

October 1, 2014
I’m excited to announce that I’ll soon be directing two more “radio” productions, performed live onstage by a talented cast of actors and singers, supplemented by music and sound-effects.
   It’s all part of the SPERDVAC Old-Time Radio Convention Saturday Evening Banquet & Program: 6:30pm to 9:30pm, Saturday, November 15, 2014, at the Burbank Holiday Inn. The $50 ticket price includes a three-course dinner plus three great after-dinner shows.
   First up, an episode of the “true crime” radio drama Crime Classics, directed by the great Peggy Webber and starring Lee Meriwether (Barnaby Jones, Time Tunnel, Mission Impossible), Marvin Kaplan (Alice, Top Cat, Adam’s Rib, It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World), and Herb Ellis (Dragnet, Perry Mason).

   Next I’ll directing a hilarious installment of Philip Rapp’s comedy The Bickersons, starring Richard Herd (Seinfeld, Golden Girls) and Lisa Valenzuela (star of the amazing Troubadour Theatre Company).

   And finally, I’ll direct an episode of Lucy’s  radio sitcom, My Favorite Husband. This episode was later adapted into the classic episode of I Love Lucy: “Lucy Changes Her Mind.” Tackling Lucy’s role will be Gloria McMillan, best known as Principal Conklin’s daughter, “Harriet,” on Our Miss Brooks. Rounding out the cast will be Richard HerdBeverly Washburn (The Jack Benny Program, Old Yeller, Star Trek), John Wilder, who as “Johnny McGovern,” acted with Lucille Ball on several of the original My Favorite Husband broadcasts, Ivan Cury (star of radio’s Bobby Benson & the B-Bar-B Riders), Bart Williams (Hello, Dolly, MADtv), Stuffy Singer (The Jack Benny Program, Walt Disney’s Peter Pan), Camden Singer (Desperate Housewives, The Mentalist), Ron Cocking, and Sofia Siegel.
   I really hope you can make it. Tickets are selling quickly, so please be sure to order yours right away using this order form.


   – Gregg

“I Love Lucy: The Untold Story” CONTINUES on Nov. 16 in North Hollywood!

October 30, 2013

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Donate $1.95 or more to the Motion Picture & Television Fund charity and receive an mp3 of the 60th Anniversary benefit performance!

Join me on Saturday, November 16th, when I’ll be directing two radio plays at the SPERDVAC Old-Time Radio Convention at Beverly Garland’s Holiday Inn in North Hollywood (4222 Vineland Ave).

First, at 3:45pm, I’ll be directing a full-cast production of a special new version of my own play, I Love Lucy: The Untold Story, including ten brand-new scenes. I’m excited to be debuting all of this new material, and I hope you’ll be there to see it performed onstage for the very first time.


My phenomenal “Lucy” cast will feature such talented performers as Amy Pietz (Caroline in the City, The Office), Dick Van Patten (Eight Is Enough), Phil Proctor (founder of the legendary Firesign Theater comedy group), William Schallert (“Dad” on The Patty Duke Show), Second City alum Lance Kinsey (“Lt. Proctor” in the Police Academy films), and Alan Oppenheimer (The Six Million Dollar Man, Murphy Brown).
There will be a no-host bar Happy Hour following the show, then the Convention dinner banquet at 6pm, attended by dozens of celebrity guests from film, TV and radio.Welles-Grant
After dinner I’ll direct an episode of The Lives of Harry LimeOrson Welles’s clever radio series inspired by the movie The Third Man. This is one of my all-time favorite shows, and if you’re an Orson Welles fan you won’t want to miss it. Starring as Orson Welles will be the uncanny Edward French. (click here to hear a sample). Joining him will be Phil Proctor, Alan Oppenheimer,
and the wonderful Gladys Holland, one of Welles’s original co-stars in The Lux Radio Theater production of The Third Man. You may remember Gladys as the elegant French lady at the roulette table with Cary Grant in Alfred Hitchcock’s To Catch a Thief (see below, left). Also performing will be special musical guest Dora Pearson, former lead female vocalist of Sha Na Na. 
Then a cast of  20 talented performers (including Janet Waldo — I Love Lucy’s “Peggy the bobby-soxer” and the voice of “Judy Jetson”) will take the stage to re-create the 1939 CBS Radio production of Dickens’s A Christmas Carol. 
Saturday Dinner Banquet tickets are only $50 each until Nov. 9th ($60 at the door), including admission to both after-dinner shows and the 3:45pm performance of I Love Lucy: The Untold Story. (No need to order a $25 “Saturday Daytime” Convention ticket unless you only want to attend the afternoon “Lucy” performance.)
     I really hope you can make it. But tickets are selling quickly, so please be sure to order yours right away!
– Gregg

Nancy Travis as Lucy in “I Love Lucy:The Untold Story” on October 6

September 4, 2013

Get an mp3 of the 60th Anniversary benefit performance for only $1.95!Posted Image

I’ll be directing a staged reading of my original short play, I Love Lucy: The Untold Story, Sunday, Oct. 6, 2013, from 3pm to 4pm at University Synagogue in Brentwood (11960 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90049)

Based on my dad’s memoir, this humorous look behind the scenes at the creation of TV’s most beloved sitcom has had successful productions on both coasts, as well as a nationwide broadcast on SiriusXM™ Radio. This performance will have new scenes, including the story of how Vivian Vance became “Ethel Mertz.”

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Read a rave review of our most recent performance

The show is performed in the style of old-time radio, with the actors and singers standing at microphones, scripts in hand, plus sound effects and recorded music.

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My phenomenal cast includes such talented performers as Nancy Travis (Last Man Standing) as Lucille Ball, Dick Van Patten (Eight Is Enough) as CBS head William S. Paley, Tony Dow (Leave It to Beaver) as I Love Lucy director Marc Daniels, Phil Proctor (founder of the legendary Firesign Theater comedy group) as Desi Arnaz, William Schallert (The Patty Duke Show, Get Smart) as CBS Programming chief Hubbell Robinson, Second City alum Lance Kinsey (“Lt. Proctor” in the Police Academy films) as I Love Lucy Pilot director Ralph Levy, Alan Oppenheimer (The Six Million Dollar Man, Murphy Brown) as Jess Oppenheimer, and musical guest Dora Pearson (former lead female vocalist for Sha Na Na).

Read more about our star-studded cast!

After the show, refreshments will be served, and you’ll have the opportunity to mingle with members of the cast.Proceeds benefit University Synagogue. Tickets are $18 in advance or $25 at the door. Free parking is available. (Cast lineup is subject to change.)

Order your tickets now online

We’re going to have a lot of fun on October 6th, and I really hope to see you there.

– Gregg Oppenheimer

P.S. Be sure to check out the full-cast recording of I Love Lucy: The Untold Story—the 60th Anniversary Benefit Performance—now available for download with a donation of $1.95 or more to the  Motion Picture & Television Fund. Click here to learn more.  And after you follow the link, please remember to share it on Twitter and Facebook!

I Love Lucy: The Untold Story

January 12, 2013

Just released for audio download on iTunes,  at, at, and at

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Your exclusive backstage pass to the creation of I Love Lucy:

  • I Love Lucy: Behind the Scenes, by Jess Oppenheimer with Gregg Oppenheimer, narrated by Larry Dobkin –Winner, Listen Up Awards Best Pop Culture Audiobook of the Year (based on Oppenheimer’s memoir, “Laughs, Luck…and Lucy.”
  • Full-cast performance of Gregg Oppenheimer’s play I Love Lucy: The Untold Story
  • 15-minute Bonus Track: never-before-released 1961 interview with Jess Oppenheimer about the creation of I Love Lucy

All royalties from this edition benefit the Motion Picture & Television Fund – caring for those in the entertainment community who are in need.

“A true genius. I owe so much to his creativity and friendship.”
—Lucille Ball

Jess Oppenheimer, “the brains” behind I Love Lucy, gives us an insider’s view of this groundbreaking show, generously interspersed with recordings of classic Lucy radio and TV comedy performances – including her famous “Vitameatavegamin” routine.

Oppenheimer weaves a wonderfully entertaining tale of the creation of this landmark series and its evolution from Lucy’s hit radio sitcom, My Favorite Husband. Lucy aficionados will delight in his personal accounts of stars like Desi Arnaz, William Frawley, Vivian Vance, and of course, Lucille Ball.

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Narrated by three-time I Love Lucy veteran Larry Dobkin (pictured above with Lucy in “Paris at Last!”), and featuring comedy performances by Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz, William Frawley, Vivian Vance, Gale Gordon, Bea Benaderet(My Favorite Husband, I Love Lucy, Petticoat Junction, The Flintstones), Frank Nelson (I Love Lucy, The Jack Benny Program), and many more! Plus a never-before-released sound snippet from Lucy’s performance at the farewell party she threw for Jess Oppenheimer at her home in Beverly Hills in 1956.

Oppenheimer’s reminiscences come to life in his son Gregg’s new radio play, I Love Lucy: The Untold Story.Recorded on I Love Lucy’s 60th anniversary (10/15/11), starring such talents as Dick Van Patten (Eight Is Enough), Phil Proctor (Firesign Theatre), Amy Pietz (Caroline in the City), Richard Herd (Seinfeld), and I Love Lucy veterans Janet Waldo (“Peggy Dawson”, the bobby-soxer with a crush on Ricky Ricardo) and Shirley Mitchell (Lucy Ricardo’s girlfriend “Marion Strong”), and I Love Lucy film editor Dann Cahn in a cameo as I Love Lucy pilot director Ralph Levy). Click here to hear Dann’s cameo, in a scene which takes place in Studio A of CBS Columbia Square in Hollywood on March 2, 1951. Also appearing in the scene are Phil Proctor as both Walter Winchell and Desi Arnaz, and Tom Hatten as CBS exec Hal Hudson.

©2012 Gregg Oppenheimer (P)2012 Gregg Oppenheimer

What the Critics Say

A charming and interesting memoir of the creation of the famous I Love Lucy TV show…. Oppenheimer, the program’s creator and producer, uses a number of radio and TV sound bites to supplement his story. Dobkin naturally and effortlessly reads this story of how Oppenheimer began writing for Lucy while she was still performing on radio and then switched to the new medium of television. His voice is always clear, never hurried, and quite pleasing. (Audiofile)

Fans of “I Love Lucy” will enjoy this fascinating look at the making of the series by its producer and head writer…. Plenty of amusing anecdotes about the actors and their antics at work. What is most impressive about this audio is Larry Dobkin’s narration. Listening to his gruff but affectionate tone, chuckling reminiscently at certain memories, one would never know it wasn’t Oppenheimer himself. (Billboard)

Now available for download on iTunes,  at, at, and at

Click here to hear a sample.

What I Really Want to Do is Direct

February 28, 2009

I’m excited to announce that I’ll soon be directing THREE different classic radio comedy productions, live onstage, at Beverly Garland’s Holiday Inn in North Hollywood. These shows, featuring live sound effects (just like during radio’s “Golden Age”) are part of the Old-Time Radio Convention Friday evening, May 1st, and Saturday evening, May 2nd.


On Friday, I’ll be directing two great comedies:

1. Maxwell House Coffee Time starring George Burns and Gracie Allen, with Special Guest Star Jack Benny. We’ll be re-creating the hilarious episode “How Jack Benny Became a Cheapskate,” featuring the incomparable Eddie Carroll as Jack Benny. Eddie’s uncanny portrayal of Jack Benny has won him rave reviews for his award-winning one man show, Jack Benny: Laughter in Bloom, currently on tour around the country. Eddie is also the voice of Disney’s “Jiminy Cricket.”

Starring as George Burns will be the prolific and talented voice actor Gregg Berger (the voice of countless cartoon characters, including “Odie” on Garfield and Friends, and named by Animation Magazine as “one of the “top 15 voice actors of the new generation”).

And joining them as Gracie Allen will be the delightful Janet Waldo (the voice of “Judy Jetson” and “Josie” of Josie and the Pussycats, star of radio’s Meet Corliss Archer, and the lovesick teenager, “Peggy,” who had a crush on Ricky Ricardo on I Love Lucy).

2. The Great Gildersleeve, starring, as Gildersleeve, the “man of a thousand commercials,” Chuck McCann (the “hi guy” fellow in the medicine cabinet for Right Guard, and the voice of the “Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs” bird).

Co-starring will be the amazing Shirley Mitchell, reprising her role in the original radio broadcast as Gildy’s lady love, “Leila Ransom.” I Love Lucy fans remember Shirley as “Marion Strong,” Lucy Ricardo’s girlfriend with the distinctive laugh. (LUCY: “Quit cackling, Marion. I’ve been waiting ten years for you to lay that egg.”)

The production will also feature four additional original Great Gildersleeve cast members: Janet Waldo, Dick Beals (the voice of both “Speedy Alka-Seltzer” and “Gumby”), Gloria McMillan (“Harriet Conklin” on Our Miss Brooks on both radio and TV), and veteran radio and TV actor Stuffy Singer (The Jack Benny Program, Our Miss Brooks, The Bill Cosby Show).

Rounding out our stellar cast will be Eddie Carroll and the legendary June Foray (voice of “Witch Hazel,” “Granny” (owner of “Tweety” and “Sylvester”), “Jokey Smurf”, and Bullwinkle’s pal, “Rocky,” as well as his sultry nemesis, “Natasha Fatale.”).


On Saturday evening, which will be emceed by film critic Leonard Maltin, I’ll get to do something I’ve wanted to do for a long time: direct a re-creation of The Baby Snooks Show, which originally starred Fanny Brice, the legendary actress, singer, and comedienne portrayed by Barbra Streisand in Funny Girl. Fanny played “Snooks Higgins” — a wise-beyond-her-years little girl who constantly drives her daddy crazy. My dad’s experience writing for Snooks led him to create the character of “Lucy Ricardo” — a little girl, in a grown woman’s body, who constantly drives her husband crazy — for I Love Lucy. Starring as Snooks will be Marilyn King (premiere soloist of the King Sisters, and the baby sister of a show business dynasty: The King Family).

Co-starring as “Daddy Higgins” will be the talented Harold Gould (“Mr. Morgenstern” on Rhoda, “Miles Webber” on Golden Girls, and the dapper “Kid Twist” in the movie The Sting).

Rounding out our cast will be original Snooks cast members Gloria McMillan and Tommy Cook (reprising his role as Snooks’ little boyfriend, Alexander), and veteran radio and TV announcer John Harlan.

Also on Saturday, we’ll celebrate the 60th Anniversary of Jack Webb’s Dragnet with a re-creation of an episode of the famous series, directed by and starring Herb Ellis, who played Sergeant Joe Friday’s partner, “Sergeant Frank Smith,” on radio.

Our 60th Anniversary Dragnet re-creation will co-star radio actress Barbara Fuller (best known as “Claudia” on Carleton E. Morse’s long-running radio series, One Man’s Family ) and Gladys Holland (To Catch a Thief, The Man Who Knew Too Much), whose first radio role was on Dragnet, as well as the unforgettable Kenneth Mars (the crazy Nazi playwright in Mel Brooks’ The Producers and the Transylvanian police inspector in Young Frankenstein).

Last but not least, we will celebrate the 75th Anniversary of The Lux Radio Theatre with an abridged radio version of Casablanca, directed by radio personality Frank Bresee. The Lux cast will include Doris Singleton, better known to I Love Lucy fans as Lucy’s nearsighted nemesis “Carolyn Appleby.” Doris played The Lux Radio Theatre’s “Hollywood Correspondent, Libby Collins” on the original radio program.

SUNDAY MORNING, MAY 3, will feature “FROM RADIO TO CARTOONS” – an entertaining after-breakfast panel discussion featuring Janet Waldo, Dick Beals, and the legendary June Foray (best known as the voice of Bullwinkle’s pal, “Rocky,” as well as his sultry nemesis, “Natasha Fatale,” and “Granny,” owner of “Tweety” and “Sylvester”).

Tickets for each evening are $55 per person ($50 for SPERDVAC members), which includes a full sit-down dinner banquet before the shows (6:30 p.m. on Friday, 6:00 p.m. on Saturday). Tickets for Sunday Brunch are $35 per person, which includes a full breakfast (at 9:30 a.m.) before the program (which begins at 10:30 a.m.)

MAKE YOUR RESERVATIONS EARLY, because table assignments will be made on a first-come, first-served basis.

A mail-in order form is available here (PDF Format)

And take a look at last year’s beautiful Convention Program (complete with celebrity profiles and cartoons).

I hope to see you there.

Take care.

– Gregg Oppenheimer

P.S. The Old-Time Radio Convention runs from 12:30 pm on Friday, May 1 until late Sunday Morning, May 3, and features panel discussions and additional re-creations during the daytime. Click here for a full schedule.